Doctoral Students

2017 – Hua Xia (research topic: Bronze and Gold Decorations in Late Warring States period and Han Dynasty: The Un-Chinese Animal Style, Technique, and Cultural Change)

2016- Abdurahmon Pulotov (co-advisor with Michael Shenkar), (research topic:  Sogdian Handmade Ceramics and Domestic Utensils: Technological Aspects and Cultural Interactions in the Upper Zeravshan Region)

2015-   Tu Dongdong (research topic: Adaptive Strategies, Lithic Technological Evolutions and Social-economic Changes: The Origins and Development of Agricultural and Sedentary Life in Northeast China (ca. 8000~4500 BC).

2013-2018, Ido Wachtel (co-advisor, research topic: The Upper Galilee during the Bronze and Iron Age).

2009-2013, Chen Bo (Cities and the City System of the Han Empire (206 BCE to AD 220): Archaeological Research on the Han City Sites).

2006-2013, Dror Kochan (Urban Change in Contemporary China: The Socio-Spatial Interlinking of Migration, Planning and the State).

2006, Dissertation committee of Christian Peterson, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh

Postdoctoral Fellows

2015, Li Yali (Jilin University, Climatic conditions and social change in North China).

2013, Anke Hein (UCLA, Settlement patterns and social change in Southwest China).

2012, Zheng Junfu (Liaoning University, Lithic analysis and the development of Neolithic cultures in Northeast China).

2007, Yu Jing (Jilin University, Mortuary analysis of Han tombs from South China).