Selected Papers

Shelach-Lavi G, Ido Wachtel, Dan Golan, Otgonjargal Batzorig, Amartuvshin Chunag, Ronnie Ellenblum, and William Honeychurch (Forthcoming 2020), Long-Wall construction in the Mongolian steppe during the Medieval Period (11th to the 13th centuries CE), Antiquity.

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Li Yali, G. Shelach-Lavi, R. Ellenblum, 2019.  Short-Term Climatic Catastrophes and the Collapse of the Liao Dynasty (907-1125) – The Textual Evidence. Journal of Interdisciplinary History 49 (4): 591-610.

Shelach-Lavi, G. 2019. Archaeology and politics in China: Historical paradigm and identity construction in museum exhibitions. China Information: 33 (1): 23-45.

Wachtel, Ido, Royi Zidon, Shimon Garti, and Gideon Shelach-Lavi. 2018. Predictive modeling for archaeological site locations: Comparing logistic regression and maximal entropy in north Israel and north-east China. Journal of Archaeological Science 92: 28-36.

Shelach-Lavi, G. and Tu Dongdong, 2017. Food, Pots and Socio-Economic Transformation: The Beginning and Intensification of Pottery Production in North China. Archaeological Research In Asia.

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